Monday, November 26, 2012

Countdown To Christmas Visit, Baby Shower and Birthday!

Dear Caitlin,
     Well, Thanksgiving is over and it's now on to Christmas and your baby shower!  It has been several days now and I am STILL putting out all of my Christmas KNOW how many I have but I do love getting the house looking festive for everyone.  And this year, Parker is sure to notice and LOVE everything.
     Today is Monday and I am also gearing up for my next dental implant surgery on Wednesday (ugh...).  I'm really not looking forward to that at all and am just ready to get it over with.  My doctor has assured me that it won't be as bad as the last one but I'm not taking any chances...I'm stocking up on all medications I could possibly need now!  That is another reason I wanted all of my decorations finished by Tuesday; so I could just sit back and enjoy them and know that I don't have anything pressing after my surgery.  Hmmm..."not pressing"?!  I suppose I shouldn't put it THAT way.  I will still have to finish Christmas shopping (thank goodness for shopping online!) and preparing for your baby shower.  And speaking of the baby shower, the invitations should be going to the printer today and I have ordered some really cute decorations from Etsy this morning too.  I have some real "Girl Cuteness" planned and I hope you love it.
     On to your birthday now...It's coming up in only a week so you just be looking for the surprise I will be sending you to hopefully make that day a happy one for you!  I still can't believe that 23 years ago I was getting ready to get my Christmas present for the year...and for life; my own little baby girl.  And now my baby girl is having her own baby girl.  Wow! Time sure does fly and I must admit that it has been so much fun.  From hair bows to bloomers and dresses and dance costumes to cheer leading pom-poms;  Teddy Bear Tea Parties and high school have been a little ball of joy in our lives and we are so happy that God gifted us with you.  I pray that your little girl will bring you as much joy over the years as you have brought our entire family.  We love you, Baby Girl!  And we miss getting to see you every day.  I cannot wait until Dec. 19th gets here and I get to see you again! Until then...I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON and BACK!

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