Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Name For "Baby Jarrell"...FINALLY!

Dear Caitlin,
     I am so happy that you and Kevin have finally decided on a name for our precious new little baby; Holli Reese Jarrell!  I like that and we can all start referring to her by that name.  I suppose she is bound to be a replica of you since you have blessed her with the middle name I gave you 23 years ago.  It was so appropriate for you since you were going to be a December baby and I'm happy that you like it enough to pass it along to your own daughter.

I ran across these old photos of you and the boys and decided to share them with you.  David adored you from the moment he met you.

It's no wonder you got Best Dressed of you high school class and college sorority; I dressed you in cute dresses and HUGE hair bows every day!

                                That is Caki holding YOU, while David and Justin sit close by.

Sorry...I HAD to add this one!  You with curlers in your hair and a cookie in your hand.  Look how innocent Ryan and David "appear" to be.

                                                 And one of my all time FAVORITES of y'all!

  YEP!  I'm pretty sure that little Holli Reese will be an awfully lot like her mommy, Caitlin Holli!

Dad and I are here at the lake this weekend and it is a bleak, rainy day; not unlike the days there in Ohio except for the fact that it is not cold.  Parker spent the night with us last night and is still with me today; we are all supposed to go to The Festival of Lights downtown tonight.  I always love going to the festival and hope that this time Parker will not be afraid of the fireworks.  Hopefully you and little Holli can make it next year.  I guess I will have to buy her and Parker Ann matching Christmas outfits to wear!  It's fun just thinking about it.

I'm really glad that Dad and I surprised you for your birthday weekend; I was afraid that you would guess we were coming.  We had fun and cannot wait for you and Kevin to get here in about a week and a half!  I think that everyone will end up making it in for Christmas Day for sure and I will be planning my big dinner that evening.  AND the baby shower plans are coming along well too.  All of the invitations were sent out, the cake has been ordered and also some really cute decorations that I ordered from Etsy that I can't wait for you to see.  OH...and, of course, the theme is vintage and pink!  Hmmm...Now that I know the baby's name I guess I could think of some sort of decoration with her name on it too.

Well, I will take lots of pictures at the festival tonight to share on my other blog; be sure to check them out!  I will miss you not being here with us this year, but like I said..."Let's shoot for next year"!  I love you to the moon and back!!!

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