Friday, December 28, 2012

Putting You On That Plane Will Never Get Easier...

Upon driving away from the airport this morning, I have come to terms that putting you on a plane back to Ohio, over 1200 miles away, will never get easier over time.

I have loved having you here for over a week but as the time come for you to leave, it always makes me sad.  I suppose even the weather this morning reflects my feelings,  since the rain only seemed to pour harder as I pulled away from the airport.  I really hate that in the last couple of days that you were here you got that terrible cold that seems to be going around.  Be sure to call you doctor as soon as you can to see if there is anything you can take for it...And REST and try to stay out of the snow and cold too!

***I am going to miss not getting to sit with you each morning and sip hot tea and coffee.
***I am going to miss seeing that big belly of yours grow bigger each day (I think it grew more in the time you were here!).
***I am going to miss running over and putting my hand on your belly to feel my sweet Holli Reese kick.
***I am going to miss you not being here to run errands with me.
***OK...I am REALLY going to just miss EVERYTHING about you.

I don't think I will be able to make it back to Ohio until possibly the first part of February because there are so many things coming up that I need to tend to:  Mam-Maw is having a stress test on Jan. 7th and I also have to plan Ryan and Allison's engagement party and their rehearsal dinner.  I'm sure when I do get to come, though, it will be bitterly cold and I don't know HOW we southern girls are going to deal with that sort of weather!  (Not well, I suspect...).

I will be getting the rest of your Christmas and baby gifts to Justin so he can ship them to you; I know you want to get your Cricut as soon as possible and I cannot wait to see what cute projects you create using it!  When you start feeling a little better from your cold, let's try to Skype so I can get to actually talk to you and see your belly and don't forget to call me after you have your glucose test done next week.  I guess I need to take advantage of getting up so early this morning and start on the mountain of laundry that is all that is left of everyone's visit home from the holidays.  And then I suppose I will head to the gym for a little yoga and Pilate's...back to my regular routine.  That routine is what helps me get by when all of y'all leave after visits; you will only understand this when Holli and your other kids get older and move away.  It is not easy to have an "empty nest", however, it is just another normal passage of life that one gets somwhat used to.  I LOVE you VERY MUCH and will MISS YOU SO MUCH EVERY DAY you are not here...

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