Friday, September 28, 2012

Love You To The Moon...And Back!

Dear Caitlin,
     I was so happy that you found time to write back to me!  I know you have been so busy with work...but I guess that is good too since it occupies your time while Kevin is at work.  And also so glad to hear that you have possibly found a church that you like!  I have been praying that you would; I know that is where you will meet people you can get involved with, maybe a women's Bible study or something.  And I guess this was just a good week all around for you since y'all went to dinner with Kevin's resident friend and his wife and you two seemed to hit it off.  I know it has taken a while and moving into a new area where you know no one is difficult, but you are finally making strides in your social life and I am so happy for you!

I can't believe you didn't put this picture on here to show everybody how big Baby Jarrell is getting (12 weeks!).

This week I have just hung around the house and basically piddled around.  And I must was kinda nice to just do that for a week.  I FINALLY got caught up on laundry and have almost finished the little LSU jumper I'm knitting Parker (ran out of yarn and had to order some more...) and Baby Jarrell's blankie is coming along too.  I really need to knit Ann Marie's twins a matching pair of bloomers before they are born too. 

          It's getting there!  Can't WAIT to wrap my sweet new grand baby up in this soft blankie.

We were thinking about going to Natchitoches this weekend but I think it is supposed to rain so I don't know if we will now.  I think that today I will go to yoga (YEP!  Started back this week...And YES, I'm sore!) and then possibly go to my art studio to work on painting some Halloween cards.  I've also been "thinking" about decorating the house for fall but it is still just so hot here I can't seem to get in the mood.  A cool front for us apparently is temperatures in the high 80's and low 90's...I DO miss the cool temperatures there in Cleveland.

                                            Dad put my board up last weekend and painted it.

                     It looks GREAT, doesn't it?  Now, I just have to hang my paintings on it.

I'm taking this painting down to the printers today to make one of my Halloween cards...More to come!

Well, Dad booked all of our tickets for the New York trip and today he is booking our rooms!  This trip is going to be so much fun because you haven't been there since you were a little girl and then Tabitha and Caki have never been.  Autumn is so pretty in New York and I just can't wait to show you all around.  Hey!  We might even try to catch up with Clay while we are there and buy him some lunch; you know he has started his acting school there.

 Get ready for New York!  I took this a couple of years ago when I was there; Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!

Well, I just wanted to write a quick note before my Friday begins and let you know that I'm thinking about you...missing you and "Loving You To The Moon..And Back"!

Here are some pictures I've taken in the past couple weeks I thought you might enjoy...

Parker is looking like a little girl now instead of a baby.  Look at that ponytail!  And she LOVES sporting her many pairs of sunglasses.

Parker came home from church with us on Sunday and spent the night.  She's getting SO BIG, isn't she?  She will be excited to see Ca Ca when you come to visit too!  She is now in school for a half day 3 days a week.  She is speaking in sentences, knows her colors and can count to 10 in English AND Spanish (Thanks, Dora!).

I've been playing around with the editing on my Apple and am planning on matting some of my photos to sell in the studio...What do you think about calling this one, "Taste of Louisiana"?

                                     Here's another one..."Golden Moments in Central Park".

                                                                           Napa Valley...

                       This is one of the covered bridges I photographed while visiting you.

                                                               "So in Love with Italy"

                                I took this photo when I was in New Orleans about a week ago.

OK...So, that's it for now!  Love ya...Miss ya...Can't wait to see ya soon!!!


Thursday, September 27, 2012

I miss you!

Hey Mom!

Okay, so it's been a REALY long time since I have wrote back. I have been so busy with work and I know that is no excuse! Well a lot has gone on since the last time I wrote. Today I am 13 weeks pregnant and I couldn't feel better! I still get sick every now and then... especially at night but for the most part I have started feeling much better:) I had my 12 week chechup and everything went really good. The baby is a little smaller than he/she should be, but the doctor said it's because I am so small. Also some not so good news... we have a to wait a little after 20 weeks to find out what the baby is because I have a anterior placed placenta. It makes it harder to see the baby because the placenta is in the way:( I have considered buying over the counter tests to determine the sex of the baby lol but I doubt they are worth it! Just a waste of money! Looks like I'll have to wait till 21 or 22 weeks. So we are looking to find out around November 22. SO LONG!!

The weather has been nice here... fall has made it's way and I am actually enjoying the weather because I am always so hot lately. How has the weather been in Louisiana? I can't wait till I get to come home to visit in October!! I am going to try and book my flight today:)) Also, I am SO excited about going to New York in October too!! So many fun things planned for the month of October! I really wish you and dad made a surprise visit up to Cleveland like y'all were going to .. but I understand why you couldn't.

Other than that... not much has been going on. Just work, work, and more work. I am ready for a little vacation! lol I'm thinking about going to the grocery store today to get the stuff I need to make mammaws chex mix recipe. I have been wanting to make it for awhile now!

Well I guess I should get back to work, I miss you and love you very much!! Only 21 more days till I see you!! YAY! Get ready:) Oh and Baby Jarrell says hello YaYa:)

Love, Caitlin

Friday, September 21, 2012

12 Weeks!!! Can't WAIT To Hear A "Baby Jarrell" Update

Dear Caitlin,
     It seems like the world is just spinning and I'm just holding on as tightly as I can.  Excitement is around every corner with Baby Jarrell arriving in the new year and now Ryan and Allison getting engaged!

                                           I'm REALLY happy for Ryan Poo and Ally Cat!

Now, I have been knitting away on Parker's little LSU  jumper so she can at least get to start wearing it for next week's game...

I'm going to get a little shirt and some leggings to go with it...OK, and probably some LSU pom-poms!  She says, "GEAUX TIGERS"!

And, of course, I am also busy trying to finish Baby Jarrell's blankie...

It is SO soft and I just cannot wait to wrap our sweet new little baby in it!  I have all these patterns just ready to knit as soon as I find out the gender!

Although I miss you terribly, I really am kinda glad to be home for a little while so I can relax and get a few things around here done.  Dad wanted to head to the lake today, but I told him I would just like to hang out here this weekend and piddle around...OK, and wash clothes (not sure I have any clean underwear left!).  And the thought of even packing an overnight bag again right now makes me feel ill; I'm worn out!

The weather is beginning to turn cool here in the mornings and late evenings but the temperature is still climbing up into the high 80's and around 90 during the days (ugh...).  Oh how I DO miss that Ohio weather of yours.

Next week I plan on getting back into my art studio and doing a little painting.  I was thinking about doing some things for Christmas gifts.  When you come to visit, you will have to come spend some time with me there; it would be fun to do some painting together!

Well, I just wanted to write a short note this morning and will be anxiously waiting to hear from you after your doctor's appointment this morning.  I think Sarah will be coming in town so I will get to see Parker today and then I have to go get my hair done this afternoon (these roots are terrible!).  I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU SO MUCH!  Call soon and let's try to skype this weekend!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm So Glad The Week Passed Slowly...

Dear Caitlin,
     As I sit here on you balcony typing this letter, the sky has turned darker and I can smell the rain moving in.  It is though nature has sensed my reluctance to leave you here once again.  I agree with what you said the other day about loving how this week has crept by.  That, however, also is a double-edged sword for I will miss you even more when I return home.

I'm glad that I got to be here and not only to take you on adventures but also to do the mundane things, such as cooking dinner each night for you and catching you up on laundry.  I'm also happy to see that your morning sickness has subsided and Baby Jarrell appears to be thriving.  What a surprise that Kevin ordered that Fetal Doppler and it arrived before I left; I got to hear Baby Jarrell's beating heart for the second and third times...

When I leave, I hope that you will find some fun hobby or project to occupy your free time; see if there are art classes offered at some studio in town or go sign up for a class at the knitting or sewing shop.  I know you love to do all of these creative things, you must just make yourself get out of the house and do some of them.  Also, remember to take Kevin back to those wonderful walking trails in Olmstead Falls; I think he would love it there and y'all could even pack a picnic lunch to carry along.

As for me, when I return, I have to immediately go to New Orleans for a few days and then I plan on getting into my newly set up art studio to finish up some projects.  Sarah has decided to enroll Parker in the Mother's Day Out Program 3 days a week this year so I won't be keeping her as much as I used to.  I have missed seeing her while I have been here with you; I can't imagine how much I will miss Baby Jarrell whenever I have to leave the both of you here in Ohio.  Remember, though that we DO have some pretty awesome plans for meeting up through the end of the year:  5 weeks until our "Girls' Trip"...6 1/2 weeks until Halloween and Trick-R-Treating with Parker Ann...and 7 weeks until the Canton Flea Market Trip!  THEN, we are full swing into the holiday season.  I sure hope that y'all an make it in for some of the holidays; I am going to plan a baby shower for you!

Well, I really can't even begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed being here and how much I am going to miss you when I, let's just not even talk about that.  Please call me after you get out of you doctor's appointment next week; I can't believe that you will already be 12 weeks!  You are looking so cute (NO...your face does NOT look fat!) and we will have to skype often so I can see how your belly continues to grow.

I love you and will miss you VERY MUCH!  Take good care of yourself and Baby Jarrell and we can officially begin counting down the days until we see each other again.