Friday, September 21, 2012

12 Weeks!!! Can't WAIT To Hear A "Baby Jarrell" Update

Dear Caitlin,
     It seems like the world is just spinning and I'm just holding on as tightly as I can.  Excitement is around every corner with Baby Jarrell arriving in the new year and now Ryan and Allison getting engaged!

                                           I'm REALLY happy for Ryan Poo and Ally Cat!

Now, I have been knitting away on Parker's little LSU  jumper so she can at least get to start wearing it for next week's game...

I'm going to get a little shirt and some leggings to go with it...OK, and probably some LSU pom-poms!  She says, "GEAUX TIGERS"!

And, of course, I am also busy trying to finish Baby Jarrell's blankie...

It is SO soft and I just cannot wait to wrap our sweet new little baby in it!  I have all these patterns just ready to knit as soon as I find out the gender!

Although I miss you terribly, I really am kinda glad to be home for a little while so I can relax and get a few things around here done.  Dad wanted to head to the lake today, but I told him I would just like to hang out here this weekend and piddle around...OK, and wash clothes (not sure I have any clean underwear left!).  And the thought of even packing an overnight bag again right now makes me feel ill; I'm worn out!

The weather is beginning to turn cool here in the mornings and late evenings but the temperature is still climbing up into the high 80's and around 90 during the days (ugh...).  Oh how I DO miss that Ohio weather of yours.

Next week I plan on getting back into my art studio and doing a little painting.  I was thinking about doing some things for Christmas gifts.  When you come to visit, you will have to come spend some time with me there; it would be fun to do some painting together!

Well, I just wanted to write a short note this morning and will be anxiously waiting to hear from you after your doctor's appointment this morning.  I think Sarah will be coming in town so I will get to see Parker today and then I have to go get my hair done this afternoon (these roots are terrible!).  I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU SO MUCH!  Call soon and let's try to skype this weekend!

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