Thursday, September 27, 2012

I miss you!

Hey Mom!

Okay, so it's been a REALY long time since I have wrote back. I have been so busy with work and I know that is no excuse! Well a lot has gone on since the last time I wrote. Today I am 13 weeks pregnant and I couldn't feel better! I still get sick every now and then... especially at night but for the most part I have started feeling much better:) I had my 12 week chechup and everything went really good. The baby is a little smaller than he/she should be, but the doctor said it's because I am so small. Also some not so good news... we have a to wait a little after 20 weeks to find out what the baby is because I have a anterior placed placenta. It makes it harder to see the baby because the placenta is in the way:( I have considered buying over the counter tests to determine the sex of the baby lol but I doubt they are worth it! Just a waste of money! Looks like I'll have to wait till 21 or 22 weeks. So we are looking to find out around November 22. SO LONG!!

The weather has been nice here... fall has made it's way and I am actually enjoying the weather because I am always so hot lately. How has the weather been in Louisiana? I can't wait till I get to come home to visit in October!! I am going to try and book my flight today:)) Also, I am SO excited about going to New York in October too!! So many fun things planned for the month of October! I really wish you and dad made a surprise visit up to Cleveland like y'all were going to .. but I understand why you couldn't.

Other than that... not much has been going on. Just work, work, and more work. I am ready for a little vacation! lol I'm thinking about going to the grocery store today to get the stuff I need to make mammaws chex mix recipe. I have been wanting to make it for awhile now!

Well I guess I should get back to work, I miss you and love you very much!! Only 21 more days till I see you!! YAY! Get ready:) Oh and Baby Jarrell says hello YaYa:)

Love, Caitlin

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