Monday, September 23, 2013

Nothing Prepares You For A Fussy Baby...

Dear Caitlin,
     It has been great getting to see you for about a week out of every month!  The Disney vacation was SO MUCH FUN...however, with everybody there, we didn't get to just sit and visit or have a cup of morning coffee.  But, HEY!  We knew what a BIG, FAT FAMILY VACATION was going to be like.
     I'm sorry that Holli hasn't adjusted to being back home since the vacation, but no one really prepares you for what a fussy baby is like.  Or, for that matter what to do for them when they are fussy. I know she has a new little tooth...

So...Maybe she's cutting the one right next to it??  Oh, so you've tried Tylenol, Gripe Water, Ora Gel, Gas Drops, baby massage?  Hmmm...what about a slightly warm heating pad on her little tummy?  Some white noise?  Pandora?  A warm bath?  Or perhaps even that vacuum cleaner noise that David plays for Beckett on his cell phone?

     Believe me, I know first hand what it feels like to have a fussy baby...or two, or three or four!  Sometimes I now don't even know how I made it.  I know that you are exhausted and most likely at your wits end, not knowing how to get Holli through this little fussy phase.  And I sure wish I lived closer so I could just run over and give you a break. Just the other day, I woke up and told Dad, "Hey, whenever you go to Baton Rouge to play in that golf tournament for the weekend, I think I'll drive up to Caitlin's."  Quickly followed by, "Oh yea...that's right; it takes two days to get to her house (sigh...)."  And so now all I can do is to offer you some advice that will hopefully get you through this time.
When Little Miss Priss gets loud and fussy, just use this time to remember:
1.  This won't last forever.  It is just a phase she is going through that will soon be over.
2.  Crying is the way that babies communicate.  They can't use words yet so this how they tell you
     that they are hungry, wet, sleepy, have a tummy ache or are just plain bored.  HEY!  Admit it...
     sometimes we would also like to communicate in this way and we DO know how to use words.
3.  Although hearing your baby cry is upsetting, crying will not physically hurt them.  Just do what
     you can to comfort them for the moment.
4.  This is where that maternal bonding comes in and the reason why mothers are so fierce in defend-
     their children.  We carried them, cared for them in happy times and sad; we won't let anybody
     mess with our kids.
5.  Babies grow up much quicker than we expect or want them to.  Right now, you might be fighting
     just to keep your head above water; sleep deprived, black circles under your eyes,  a walking            zombie, however, before you know it your baby will be in school.  And then a teenager preparing
     for college and suddenly married and a mommy, herself.  Time passes quickly; enjoy every
     moment (good,bad and ugly...) that you have with your little one.
                                      And just remember how much you LOVE this little one.

     Hang on, sweetie, Mom will be there soon to help you out!
                                                                                                     Love You MORE,

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