Saturday, June 7, 2014

It's Days Like Today...

It's days like today.  A lazy Saturday morning at the beginning of summer.  One of those days a mother would like to spend with her daughter.  I realize that we are fortunate to be able to see each other as much as we do with you living over a thousand miles away, but still...I miss you.  I miss that you are not able to just run over for a morning cup of coffee and perhaps pancakes.  I miss that you will not be sitting out by the pool with me today.  I miss you.

It's days like today that I wish you were here to just mindlessly chat with me about nothing of importance.  To sit and read magazines or perhaps start a craft project together that we would set aside and never finish.  Just your presence here would make the world right.  Did I tell you that I really miss you?

It's days like today when we are preparing to attend a friend's wedding tonight that I wish you were here.  For us to talk about what we are going to wear to the event and you then asking me which shoes you could borrow.  I would, of course, make room for you in my bathroom so we could do our make-up together and you would be scrounging through my eye shadow collection to see which one would look best on you.  And then we would hit the reception, visiting with old friends, taking in the decoration scheme and waiting for the wedding cake to be cut.  It's days like this that I miss you more than I can say.

It's days like today when every minute is not filled with activity.  When I am still and have more time on my hands to think than is good for anyone that I miss you most.  When I am preparing my Sunday pot roast a day ahead of time that I remember that there will be an empty spot at the table tomorrow.  But then I remember something very important; God has a purpose for everything.  He is teaching me something through these days when everything is not "perfect" in my eyes.  His eyes have perfect vision, this I know and trust Him to know what is best for us.  He only asks us to trust Him although we may not understand what He has in store for us.  And even in this trust and faith, my human nature causes me to still miss you and that is OK.  It is OK to wish you were here and go to that place in my mind once in a while because I have learned that every moment in life is valuable and not to waste one.  And so as I await our next visit, I will enjoy the simple moments I have with you.  Like a phone call or text message or face time.  I would say that the distance has made my heart grow fonder, but I am sure that is not possible since my love for you has no end already.  It is days like this.  Days like today that I close my eyes and wish that when I wake up it is three years from now.

                                                             I LOVE YOU MORE

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  1. A mom's moments with her daughter .. so touching and so sweet, your article made me float in the memories ... the nostalgia...
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