Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baby News

Dear Mom,

Okay so I know it has been a LONG time since I have wrote back:(  I haven't been feeling very well as you know, which is why it has taken me so long to finally write back! This morning I was again, feeling awful but finally went and picked up my medicine to help with the morning sickness (aka all day sickness). I took it about an hour ago and finally am feeling SO much better! I also went to pick up my new prenatal, but decided not to get it because the price was rediculous for just a months supply! I'm going to have to call my doctor back and see if she will call me a different one:) Plus the last one she put me on made me feel so sick for days.. so maybe a new one would be best!

The fast few weeks have been so long.. I have had work everyday and I am just ready for Friday to get here:)) I can't believe this Thurday I will be 9 weeks..I am so ready for week 12 though! I get to see Baby Jarrell again and hopefully all is great! So a few updates on how my body and mind has been changing since I have been pregnant...

I started off weighing 92 pounds before I got pregnant and I have already put on 8 pounds:) Which means I'm 100 pounds again:) The doctor said that it's great I have put on some weight because it will only make the baby heathier!

Some foods I have been craving (when I'm not feeling sick) are sweet and sour candy! No chocolate just stuff like jolly ranchers, lolly pops, those really good lolly pops that are green apple with caramel on top and sour patch kids! Some other things I have been craving are pancake syrup (this started today) :) So get the picture.. SWEET! It's so strange that all I have been wanting is sweets now because I have never really had that sweet tooth before.

I have found that sleeping at night is not my favorite thing to do anymore :( That is generally when my stomach feels the worst and I can never get comfortable. I can't imagine what it will be like when I'm really big!lol What I have been doing a lot lately is sleeping during the day though... I always feel SO tired!! It's like I never feel rested. The doctor says thats pretty normal though.

Lastly, I have been reading the books you gave me.. they have been very helpful and not too overwhelming... YET! I'm still looking into getting into a birthing class for Kevin and I.. because we both know I will need that!! The thought of having a baby scared me.. but hey, it can't be that bad if so many people continue to have kids, right?!? I've also been watching those shows where they show the births.. not a good idea!! Goodness... maybe if I don't think about it, then it won't be so bad!

Oh and one more thing that has changed... I am way more emotional than before (if that is even possible)!! I feel so bad for Kevin because my mood swings are so crazy sometimes. Hopefully this will pass.. because I hate feeling weird and not being able to say why I feel the way I feel .

Anyways.. other than working I haven't been up to much. I need to start getting out of the house some because staying home makes me want to go crazy sometimes!! I can't wait for you to come back up in Septemeber to see me:)) Hopefully by then I will be feeling a LOT better!

Well I hope y'all don't lose electricity when the storm hits!! I wouldn't  know what to do if I couldn't get in touch with anyone! Keep me updated or send me a text if you do lose service so I know everything is okay! I love you so much and miss you more than anything!! Talk to you soon:)

Love, Caitlin

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  1. Dear Caitlin,
    I read this post and was abrought back to the HORRIBLE all day sickness that I had with all of my pregnancies. The prenatals (many that I tried) all made me so sick. But then the doctor recommended taking the flintstones childrens' multivitamin instead. That worked better and was much gentler on my stomach. Have you heard of "preggy pops" they are lollipops that are on the sour side but are supposed to help the nausea. They were helpful to me.....hoping you feel better soon