Monday, July 9, 2012

Art Festival Fun

Dear Mom,

So it has been a few days since I last wrote... not too much has gone on. This weekend Kevin's hospital was hosting an art festival and he had to do blood pressure readings for a few hours at their booth. While Kevin was doing work, I decided to walk around and check out all of the booths! Of course I took lots of pictures... just wish you were with me!

This is some of the tents where everyone has their stuff set up

This is a local pottery maker... her work was amazing and I think I am going to try and find her store to look at all of her other collections:)

Some more tents.. the whole festival was actually around a walking track . 

Another neat pottery place

All the tents from far away

Cute little dancer boutique 

okay, this guys work were very impressive! He had makes all of these out of some sort of metal. They all represent different things... like doctors, teacher, pianist, fisher... everything you can think of!

The one right in front is actually a surgeon.. neat huh? 

The lake in front of the hospital 

I loved this ladies booth.. she is does watercolor and all of her work is very bright colored! I actually bought some of her art that she had on stationary.. you will be getting on soon:)

Some outdoor art for the yard

bakery!! Yum!

This artist was very unique as well.. he paints all sorts of instruments and then adds pieces from actual instruments to the artwork. 

These are some of the stationary I purchased from the lady that watercolors!

After the festival we were going to do down to downtown Cleveland to look around, but the weather was SO HOT! It was 106! They say that it has never been that hot in Cleveland before. I was dying of heat so instead we went looking for bikes and then went to a movie and dinner:)

On Sunday we decided to try out a new church and I was very excited about hopefully finding one we liked... but during church as you know I got sick and passed out:( We ended up having to leave because my blood sugar was too low. The rest of the day I didn't feel very well so I just sat around the house and watched TV. I did actually end up finishing my curtains on Sunday evening too!! They turned out great! I think I am going to add some design to them still to put some color on them though. I ended the night by cooking a dinner for Kevin and I and I must say it tasted great!! I grilled pork chops, fresh green beans and mashed potatoes:)

Dinner on my new dishes!

My work station for making my curtains:)
All finished!!



Side view.. I really like them !

Well today I have been very productive.. I have washed all the dirty clothes, cleaned kitchen, washed dishes, and worked on cleaning and unpacking the guest bedroom!The rest of the day I think I will knit and just relax:) Well I'm sure I will talk to you later tonight. I love you and miss you!! Can't wait to see you Saturday!!

love, Caitlin

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