Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth of July

Dear Mom,

So the Fourth of July was very different for me this year... Kevin had to work a shift from 9am till 5pm :( That meant I had to hangout by myself for the holiday. I must say, I wasn't in such a good mood and didn't feel like getting out of the house much that day. Not knowing anyone here is pretty hard, especially around holidays. I was however surprised when Kevin came home, he decided to take me to dinner a movie and to see fireworks at one of the parts in Westlake. We ended up eating a a very good Italian place and we watched Brave finally!! After the movie we headed over to the park to watch the fireworks go off.. they were GREAT!

On Thursday I stayed at home again and did some cleaning and laundry around the house. I got out of the house around noon to go look for a bike and to go grocery shop. I didn't find a bike yet, but I think Kevin and I are both going to go tomorrow (on his day off) to go both buy some bikes possibly! I think it would be nice to wake up and go riding on some of the trails around the area. Also, I am looking into joining a gym. It would be nice to be around people and possibly get to know some new people ... and what better way to do that than joining a gym?!

Anyways, Kevin has been super stressed with all the hours he has been putting in at the hospital so last night I wanted to surprise him with a special dinner:) I made a stuffed Chicken with feta, breadcrumbs, tomatoes, bacon and garlic. I also made fresh green beans with garlic, butter bacon and lastly, corn of the cob! Everything turned out great! I also decided to make some homemade brownies because you know how much Kevin loves sweets!! As soon as he walked in the door he was so surprised I set the table and had wine out with candles lit.

The table a set up :)

Our yummy food!!

Everything tasted SO good!!

Making brownies!

Well today I had some packages come in the mail... my NEW DISHES for John Ward Interior:))) I was SO excited to get these three large packages! 

These are my Fleur de lis plates!

The Fleur de lis bowls

coffee cups

serving dish

Salad plates

coffee or cake plates:)

This is them set up :)I LOVE THEM!

All stored away in my cabinet:)

Lastly, this next picture is a picture of the material I got to make my curtains! haha... I have been talking about making these curtain for the past two weeks, but have not actually sat down to start making them :( I think I haven't started to make them yet, because it is sorta a BIG project and will take a lot of time! I am however, going to take out my sewing machine today and start working on them finally!! I'm not stopping till I have finished... or leaving the house! This means I might not leave for a few days!lol You know me, I like to start a project and not stop till it is finished.. because if I don't then it will never get finished. But anyways, that is the project I have for today:) I will post pictures tomorrow to show the progress! Oh and I still have a few more projects to do so I will be working on those as well once I finish the curtains. 

The material is a burlap type fabric that is a off white color.. I am going to sew in some other colors to it to give it a design.. hope it turns out okay!

Well, I guess I should get busy on these curtains! I will talk to you a little later today. I love you very much and can't wait to see you next Saturday!!!! I miss you!!!

Love, Caitlin

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