Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DIY Projects

Dear Mom,

It has been a few days since I last wrote but I have been very busy working on DIY Projects... and you know how much I love those:) So yesterday I finally got a dresser.. but the bad part is, I had to put it together! Before opening the box I just looked at it wondering if it was even a good idea to try and put the dresser together. The box made it look so simple and so I told myself SURE I can put a simple dresser together!So here is a picture of the box... does look easy right?

Okay so after I opened the box.. I soon realized there were SO MANY PIECES!! What the heck was I thinking trying to put together a dresser? I still I was thinking I could possible put it together after I got out all the wood pieces... 

That was until I opened the pack with all of the screws, nails, and other things I didn't even know what they were called! Goodness, I didn't realize these dressers came with some many parts! The instructions had about 30 steps to putting the dresser together too. This is when it finally hit me that I didn't think I could put this dresser together anymore! But, I had it all out and organized it and I didn't want Kevin to come home to a mess, therefore I decided to attempt to put it together:) 

So I started working on this around 10:30am and only took a small lunch break. After many hours of working on this dresser and trying to talk myself out of finishing it about 15 times, I ended up finally getting the whole dresser put together at 8pm!! haha I know, I can't believe it took me an entire day to put this thing together! But hey, I DID IT and all by myself! I was so proud of my work !

The completed project! I think I will go to Anthropology today and buy some cute knobs for it :) 

While working on the dresser ALL day I also prepared a dinner so when Kevin got home we would have something to eat! Here are a few pictures of it... Pot Roast with potatoes..YUM!

I used the cute serving dish Mimi got me as a wedding gift:) 

OH and I almost forgot... I received a special package yesterday while I was putting together my dresser!! It was the special care package you sent me:)) I was sooo excited to get it!

First thing was the Fourth of July piece to add to my dish you got me for Terra Home:))

A new knitting pattern!!!
New knitting needles and yarn for a new project!!Can't wait to start on this:)

Some cute new stationary so I can write letters to everyone with!! You know this will go to good use and I was running out of all my other stationary!
A CUTE Fourth of July cup with my name on it!! LOVE IT!

A new Louisiana t-shirt :)

And of course a cute Fourth of July card! Love it, it is hanging in our kitchen!

So after a LONG busy day, I decided to make a midnight snack for Kevin and I... donuts!!!
Finally bought me a donut maker and I must say it works great!! You need to get one for the house so you can make some for Parker, I know she would LOVE them!

So this cute little home boutique here sells the Doughnut mix at their store but also you can get recipes for other kinds:)

This is them cooking, almost done!

Sprinkled them with some cinnamon sugar! YUMMY!
saving the rest for the next morning!!

Thanks again for the care package!!! It was just what I needed and put a BIG smile on my face:) I guess I need to get ready and go find something to do today for the Fourth of July.. maybe head over to Crocker Park and see what is going on over there. I think I might also look for a bike today!! Well hope to talk to you a little later today:) Hope y'all are having a GREAT Fourth of July!! Wish I was there to celebrate with y'all! Miss you and love you so much !!! 

Love, Caitlin 

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