Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Relaxing Week In Da Boot

Dear Caitlin,
     This is only Tuesday but it seems like this week is going to be a good one so far.  It has rained almost every day since Friday, which has cooled things off considerably.  From inside, it almost looks like fall outside, with the cloudy skies.  Monday was not a very busy day; I mainly hung around the house and did laundry (You know Monday is "Laundry Day"...) while catching up on some of my taped television shows.  Dad cooked chicken on his new Big Green Egg and we also has some wonderful fresh vegetables.  I love this time of year when all of the crops are coming in and I can get lots of fresh produce; we even had cucumbers and tomatoes.  I think I might go to the stand up the road and see what they have.

Today, I kept Parker, as usual, and we decided to go out first thing this morning to see Mam-Maw.  She was, of course, very excited about our visit.  The minute Parker walked in, she asked Mam-Maw about her birds!  She remembered that she always helps her put food out for the birds, so out they went...

They also went for a walk around the yard, where Parker came back in bringing me a flower she had picked.  Once she had been there for a few minutes, she also remembered where the toy box was and began taking her favorite toys out to play with.  Oh, and Mam-Maw introduced her to Froot Loops!  Yea...I know it's another sugar coated food, but she loved it.

 Oops!  She poured them out...so she could pick them up again, say the colors she thought they were and eat them!

Mam-Maw tried to convince Parker to eat some of her home made vegetable soup,  but she was having none of it.  She did, however, enjoy eating the cornbread!

I hope the weather remains mild so I can actually get out in the pool and float around this week.  Dad, Justin, Ryan and Allison will all be heading down to New Orleans this weekend to get David and Codi moved into their new apartment.  I will be picking you up from the airport!!! (Yay!)  And I have a few things planned for us to do as soon as you hit the ground...So make sure you get a good nap in on the plane!

I can't wait to see the finished item that you are knitting!  I told you it wouldn't take very long to make it.  And as soon as you're finished with it, I'll be sending you another one to start on!  As for me, I haven't picked my knitting up in a while; I've just been so busy.  But I miss it and am about to being again soon.  I also want to start on a new watercolor project.  Those note cards that you bought the other day inspired me to get my paints out again too!

Now, on the food front, here's what Dad and Ryan made for a "snack" last night...

 That is Mam-Maw Parker's chocolate fudge icing!  Dad told Ryan he was passing that recipe down to y'all so it will continue on.  And YES!  Those two have eaten all that cake by themselves!

I'm making my chicken and vegetable casserole for dinner tonight; I will put the recipe on here under " Recipes We Love" so you can make it...

                                                    This is such a yummy comfort food!

Well, Parker has been napping for about an hour now and hopefully will sleep for a while longer.  So, I suppose that I need to get over to the couch and finish folding a couple more loads of laundry (You are right...laundry NEVER ends!).  But I cannot WAIT  for you to get here so I can spend another WHOLE WEEK with you.  I love you and miss you (More!)

P.S.  I finished writing my next children's book and submitted the manuscript yesterday!  Keep your
        fingers crossed that they will decide to publish it.

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