Monday, July 2, 2012

The Norm

Dear Mom,
So I am sorry I have not responded to your letters in a few days... but I haven't had much to write about. Kevin had work all week and I did the usual, unpack and decorate. I am kind of getting bored with this unpacking... it is like a never ending process! I have managed to keep our guest bedroom door shut due to the fact that I don't even want to start thinking about unpacking that room :( We still are in need of a dresser and bed so hopefully this week we will pick one out and THEN I will start unpacking and decorating the guest bedroom for you when you come visit!

Well Friday, Kevin had work till about 4pm so I worked around the house till then. That evening we had plans with some of his friends from work and their wives. We all ended up meeting in Crocker Park for dinner. It was nice getting to hangout with some new people and hopefully we will do it again soon. Most of the wives are doctors as well so I'm sure most of them will be just as busy as Kevin. After dinner we ended up heading home because we both were pretty tired. Saturday we had plans with a couple from Pikeville that Kevin went to school with. They are actually from the area but have moved away because they got matched at a different hospital about two hours from us. We ended up meeting them at the Cheesecake Factory in Crocker Park and we ended up having a great time! As for Sunday, I ended up going to a new church to try it out. Kevin had his first day of work on Sunday so I ended up having to go by myself. I don't think the church was for us, so I will keep looking! I am getting a little overwhelmed with trying to find a church that we both really like... it's hard when you have gone to a church like Calvary. It's like no other churches compare to it. I am just trying to stay positive and pray that God does have a place where we will fit in and meet new people and find a good church family for us. Kevin got home late on Sunday and I surprised him with dinner. I ended up making him corn on the cob, potatoes, and a chicken breast that was stuffed with feta cheese and then breaded with breadcrumbs. It was so good! We called it a night pretty early last night because he was so tired from work.

Today I have just been sitting around the house not doing too much. I talked to Mammaw earlier this morning while I had my breakfast, which was nice! I have made a list of things I still need to do so hopefully I will make myself get up and get motivated to head to town to get a few things! I have a few DIY projects I have been wanting to do so I have been thinking about maybe working on those this week:) I will be taking pictures of the whole process and will upload them once I start working. I believe the knitting shop is open today so I will try to go by and see what all they have too! I really miss you mom, me need to Skype tomorrow because I am getting a bit homesick :( Well I better be off and go run a few errands! I miss you and love you more !!!

                                             Love, Caitlin

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