Friday, July 27, 2012

Yellow Mellow

Dear Mom,

So it has been awhile since I have wrote! I have only been home for a week since I got back from Louisiana though and haven't had much to write about. You know me, I haven't been doing much. Since I have got back, I have just been hanging around the house a lot because I haven't had much to do. We have been working on getting things set up on my computer so I can start working on this coming up Monday, so I have been busy with that! I am so ready to start working because I have been so bored!! Kevin has had the past three days off so we have got to hangout a lot lately, which has been nice. We went to beachwood the other day to go shopping for Kevin some new shoes for work. Beachwood is where the REALLY nice mall is so we had a good time. Other than that, I haven't been up to much. I did however, go shopping at Jcrew the other day and got some cute shoes on sale!! You know I always love a good deal:) I will post some pictures of the shoes.

Today I am just working on washing clothes, folding clothes and doing some more cleaning.. it never ends!lol   Also I am working on finding some material for making some curtains in my guest bedroom!! I am going to add a picture on here of the color and type of fabric I am looking for. Let me know what you think the material is made of... it looks like a very billowy fabric, but just not quite sure what the material is. I am also going to do my curtains in the same color, the bright yellow:) I love the idea. I am going to be working on the guest bedroom this weekend. I am thinking about using the bright yellow color, grey and a cream for the decor colors.

These are the curtains I am wanting to make and use the color! I love the poppy yellow:)

This is the headboard I was telling you about. I am going to make this as well for the guest bedroom. So cute right?
This is also one of my new knitting projects I am about to start working on. I will make it big enough to be a throw to go on the bed in the guest bedroom. I'm thinking about doing it in the dark grey color. What do you think? 

So these will give me some new projects to work on. I am excited to start working and getting the room ready for when you and dad get here!! I can't wait for August to get here.. and getting to go to Chicago!! I am so excited because I have never been there before. 

Well here are the picture of my new JCrew shoes:))
Cute huh? Navy blue!! I think they will look good in the fall:)

These are my new rainboots that I got from JCrew as well!! They are actually a bright coral color.. my camera doesn't show the color very well though. I can't wait to use them when it rains.. and also they will be great to wear when is snows!! 
I LOVE how they sip and button up the back:)

Anyways, I don't have too much more to talk about since you know I don't do much! I know I need to start getting out of the house, but I feel myself getting into a routine of doing nothing. I mean, it isn't very fun to go hangout with yourself lol. I think I am starting to go a little crazy so ever doing anything. Well, besides going to the gym.. because I do go to the gym some. The Zumba class is a lot of fun.. but would be more fun if I knew people in the class. 

Well I am about to go... need to eat some lunch!! I will call you a little later today. You better start packing for your trip to California!! Love you and miss you!! OH.. and don't forget to skype me tonight when everyone is over for mammaw's birthday party! I would love to see everyone (let's hope I don't get emotional like I did when you let me Skype everyone on the 4th of July :(  ). It is hard to see everyone having a great time though and not being there... anyways Skype me when they all arrive! Talk to you soon!

Love, Caitlin

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