Friday, July 6, 2012

You In Cleveland, Me In Louisiana For The 4th...NOT GOOD!

Dear Caitlin,
     Our conversation on the morning of the 4th was not good.  I HATED that you were sitting home alone, while we were all at the lake house getting ready for our 4th of July celebration.  And THAT is exactly when I decided that would never happen again!  From now on, I am going to plan on bringing you home for whatever holiday we are celebrating if Kevin has to work.  I felt terrible just knowing that you were sitting there by yourself all day long with nothing to do and not knowing anyone in the area yet.  SO...You just tell Kevin that's what I'm gonna do!  I was happy, however, to hear that when he got off from work, he took you out to dinner, a movie and a fireworks show.

We had our 4th of July celebration again this year, but it wasn't as big as usual.  David had to work and could not come in either...I missed two of my little chickies! (sad face here...).  It has been  SO HOT here; there's no doubt that summer has arrived in the south.  And the other bad thing is that we haven't had any rain.  At least the river was open this year so we could get out and ride in the boat.  The farmers are pumping the water out at an alarming rate so I hope that it doesn't get shut down before you make it here; I want to go for afternoon boat rides with you and Dad!

Since we did a much smaller 4th celebration this year, I really didn't decorate much.  I did, however put out a couple of things that reminded me of you...

                                         Remember the painting party we went to last year?

                                                       I guess I need to send you yours...

I also found this cute little 4th of July snow globe to set out too...

                                                                    LOVE my doxies!

That was about it for the decorations this year, other than a wreath for the front door.  I did, however, pick up a couple of things to wear that were in patriotic colors...

                                     I got this shirt from Stella Blu to go with my white shorts.

                                          And these two bracelets, I picked up at Terra Home.

Dad and Aunt Cindy pretty much did all of the cooking for our celebration.  We had bar-be-que brisket, ribs, chicken, potato salad and baked beans.  They also made a yummy fresh peach and blueberry cobbler!  I will try to post that recipe on here under "Our Favorite Recipes" so you can try it out.

Josh and Lana came in Tuesday night and were able to spend the 4th with us too.  We all went for a boat ride that morning, before all of the skiers got out there and the river got crowded...

                                                      Dad let Ryan drive the boat...

                                                While Sissy sat close by, as his 1st Mate!

Annie went along for the ride too, but she is still a little nervous about being on the boat...I guess it might have something to do with that time she fell off.

                       It was so hot that Mimi had to let the doxies drink water out of her hand!

That night, we rode the boat back down to town to see the fireworks show.  Dad bought Parker some headphones to wear, hoping that the noise wouldn't scare her; it didn't work.  She didn't like the fireworks at all, but at least she didn't scream.  She laid her head down on Sarah's shoulder and was asleep by the time we got back home.  The fireworks on Cane River were great as usual, though...

OH...we got a couple of new things here at the lake house too!

    Here's Dad's newest toy; an antique candy machine!  Can you tell who keeps asking for "money"?

                 My new toy; a spinning bike since it is too hot for me to ride outside right now!

                   And I FINALLY got to work putting up all of these photos on the wall!

Well, it was a good 4th, but really not the same without you and David here.  I hope that the fall holidays will bring you all back home.  I miss you terribly and can't wait for you to get here in 8 DAYS!  I love you...

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