Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Last Lazy Days Of Summer...

Dear Caitlin,
     I'm really missing you here in these last lazy days of summer.  I can remember when you were in high school and getting ready for the new school year to begin.  Between laying out at the pool, we would be purchasing your new uniforms, school supplies and backpack, while you were also gearing up for football season with cheerleader practice every day.  I know that you might not miss those days so much right now, but I surely do.

     This week has been a pretty busy one so far.  Monday morning I had to go in early for my doctor's appointment.  It had been a month since I had been off of my thyroid medication and I was anxious to see what my blood work would show.  Well, it showed that I definitely needed to be back on medication.  So, now I am on a new medication which I hope finally straightens me out.

Tuesday I kept Parker Ann.  She was SO good today; not that she is ever really "bad".  But she didn't throw any "terrible two" fits and we didn't watch Dora at all!  Yea...Sarah and I have decided that she was a little overly obsessed with Dora (although her birthday party will still be Dora to the max!) so I didn't even turn the TV on at all.  Instead, while she was looking out the window all of a sudden she noticed the pool.  She got really excited and started saying, "Swimming pool, swimming pool!"  I asked her if she wanted to go swimming and she said, "Parker Ann swim suit!"  Of course, I got in the pool with her...for about an hour!  She is so brave now, jumping off the steps with her floaties on. 

Before we went out to swim, there was a delivery made to the house; it was another wedding present for you!  Parker had to "Help me" open it...

                                                          Notice her pajamas...DORA!

                                And then she really enjoyed playing in the box for a while!

 AND...I have actually done a couple of those things I said I was going to try to do this week also.  I restarted that knitting project that Parker tore out.  Of course, I'm not nearly as far as I was before AND I have also been smart enough to place it out of her reach this time...

Remember...this is what the wrap is supposed to look like.  I really want to have it finished by early fall.

And then after getting back from my doctor's appointment on Monday, I decided to tackle some more  projects:  grocery shopping AND cleaning out the pantry!  I think cleaning out the pantry took longer than the grocery shopping.  Of course, neither are tasks I enjoy but they HAD to be done...

See how nice and organized everything is once again?!  I wonder how long it will stay that way??

To reward myself, I decided to bake another loaf of fresh bread this week!  Focaccia Bread was what I decided on...

Bread smells SO good baking!  I am adding this to "Recipes We Love" on here so you can try it out; it is a super easy bread to bake.  HEY!  Be sure to check out the recipes section; I have been adding more recipes, including Mam-Maw's Biscuits and her Cupcake/Muffins.

The rest of the week is probably going to be even busier that the first part has been.  I will be keeping Parker again tomorrow and also getting ready for Mam-Maw's 84th birthday party  (and Cliff's birthday too...) at my house.  It will only be family but Caki and I are planning a meal and I will be baking a yummy Butterfinger Cake!  YES...I will put that recipe on here too.  Then Saturday will be the Grand Opening for Justin's Archery shop in Winnfield and FINALLY Sunday will be here (Yay!!!).  Oh...Did I mention why I'm so excited about Sunday getting here?!  Well, Dad and I and Doug and Sandra have decided to take off on a little trip for a few days...To SAN FRANCISCO and NAPA VALLEY!  I LOVE that area and the temperatures should be so cool and this southern chick sure needs a reprieve for the heat down here.  Anyway, we will be gone from Sunday to Thursday and then Dad and I will have Parker for the following weekend while Justin and Sarah go to New Orleans with friends.  And THEN the countdown begins to when I get to come visit you!!!  I'm SUPER EXCITED about that and can't wait to spend a couple of days in Chicago with you first!

Well, if I continue to sit here typing, I will never stay on schedule for the day.  So, let me go work out and head to the office.  Maybe we can SKYPE tonight since Dad will be in late; he and Keith and Josh are going fishing down south some time today (Hope they bring me some Red Fish back!).  I love you and Miss you MORE!!!

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