Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Another Day in the North

Dear Mom,

Sorry it has been a few days since I last wrote. Our internet it finally hooked up so now I can write everyday! I have been pretty busy unpacking boxes and getting our apartment decorated. Yesterday we went to Crocker Park to look around a bit and buy some cute decor from anthropologie:) I really can't wait for you and dad to come visit because y'all will both like Crocker Park. I was about to snap a few pictures of the shopping area and will post them. Shopping isn't that same without you ... I don't have anyone to help make decisions. You know me, I talk myself out of everything I really want and actually might need. Kevin has been pretty helpful though. He helped me pick out some cute decor at anthropologie and a few other places. When I tried talking myself out of buying stuff he would reassure me that I DID need it:) Anyways, here are a few pictures of Crocker Park!

So this is the neat little lawn area where they have chairs to sit and have a drink in the shade... or for those husbands that don't really want to shop around;) 
This is the area for all the little kids! So neat, while their parents shop the kids can play in the water to cool off!

This is what all the trash cans look like in Crocker Park.

Of course Kevin and I had to stop here to see what kind of treats they have! Candy Apples:) 

Kevin at the candy shop!

After a long day of shopping we decided to take a little break before heading home.

Look !!! Our favorite store. Now I can always get your lemon spray perfume when I run out:)

These next few photos are of us cooking our first meal in our new place. We made some pancakes! 


Early I know.... This would be me attempting to be a "morning person" ha ha!

Well, today I haven't done much because I got sick last night and still not feeling very well today. I have however been working on finishing up some of the decorations in our apartment so I can post a blog of the before and after. I will be calling very soon so me you and Parker can have our first Skype date:) I miss you and love you very much! See you in 4 days!!!

love, Caitlin

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