Friday, June 15, 2012

I LOVE Skype!

Dear Caitlin,
     I LOVE Skype!  I was SO glad to get to sit and talk to you (while seeing your face...) today.  Parker was cute, bossing Kevin around telling him to "Sit down right now!"  Now that I know how to connect with it, we will be able to Skype a LOT.
     Well, I am attempting to pack for the beach.  You know how that goes; while you are so organized with your lists, I am just throwing my things in the floor, as usual...

I'm glad you are feeling better; maybe you just had a little stomach virus.  I hate that I wasn't there to baby you.  Just make sure you sip on some ginger ale and eat crackers; that will make you feel better.  I suppose when you get pregnant, I will have to come stay with you for a while if you get morning sickness.  You KNOW no one can take care of you like your mom does.

I was planning on having an easy day today, but as you know I will be driving to Shreveport instead since I swallowed my temporary partial with my sandwich yesterday (ugh...)!  Just my luck, huh?  I will miss you making that long trip with me.  And our lunch afterwards at Olive Garden.

I loved the pictures you posted of the park and shopping area there in Cleveland; I can't wait for our first visit in July!  You be sure to scope out some good eating and shopping places for us to visit.  And maybe some local places that sell art; maybe we can get something neat for your new apartment.  And by the way, I really like how you've decorated your dining area!  It's so cute.

Oh, I FINALLY got me some TOMS!  Those white crochet ones that I liked so much in Miami...

                                                         SUPER CUTE, aren't they?

Sissy and Annie miss you too.  I think I will let them both sleep with me tonight since Dad is out of town.  I know I shouldn't because they will really whine when I don't let them do it again, but they are going to have to be boarded while we are at the beach and I feel bad for them.

                                                              Don't they look excited?

Well, it will only be 3 more days until I get to see you...I'm so excited!  Can you tell?!

I love you and miss you terribly...can't WAIT to be with you for a week!!!

P.S.  Did you get the photos I sent you of the new design Kassie is doing for this blog?  You are
        going to LOVE it!

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