Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Dear Caitlin,
     You KNOW how I like my Mondays; slow and easy.  Well, that was not to be the case this week.  Before Parker Ann even arrived for the day, I was awakened ONCE AGAIN to the main A/C unit being out! (ugh!!!)  That was around 4 a.m.  Thankfully, Dad got in touch with "Joe the A/C Guy" again and he put us on the schedule to be here before noon; the heat index was supposed to be 105!

Parker then arrived and you know what that meant...I was going to be doing more reading and playing than cleaning my house and doing the mountain of laundry I had laying around.  Oh well, I like reading and playing a WHOLE LOT MORE than doing laundry any way...

                                            Parker did say she wanted to "Help me, Help me".

Parker arrived in her PJ's with powdered donuts and milk.  Unfortunately, Dora was not on, but Sponge Bob did OK for her this morning.

Gotta LOVE that powdered donut mustache!

And then, guess who called to talk to her?  Aunt Ca Ca!  Look at that BIG smile on her face!

Apparently she liked talking so much, I had to chase her down to take the phone away.  You know what happened after that...One of those "Almost Terrible 2 Fits".

We were so lazy that we didn't even get out of our pajamas until noon!  That was better than Ryan, though, he didn't get out of BED until 12:30.  Guess he's really enjoying his summer vacation!  After that, it was time for Parker to eat her peanut butter and jelly sandwich and take a nap.

Yes, this is a "sandwich"...OK, I also let her have some in a bowl too; But she LIKED it!

Her reward for taking a good nap was that Uncle Ryan made her some COTTON CANDY!  You KNOW how she LOVES that.  I recorded a couple of videos so you could watch those two...


OOPS!  I got them backwards, but you get the picture...

Parker Ann LOVES her some "Candy"!

Although I was very busy today and talked to you on the phone several times, it wasn't until this evening that it hit me how much I miss you.  You called to talk to Dad and as I sat there watching his face as he talked to you, I suddenly felt very sad.  How I wished that you lived close by so that we could plan on going to lunch or a movie or just hang out here at the house by the pool.  What in the WORLD am I going to do when things really settle down, when Ryan goes back home for the summer and I am left here by myself during the day?!  OK...I'm going to be like Scarlet again and "Not think about that right now."  What I AM going to think about is the fact that I will get to see you again in less than a week at our family beach vacation!  I love you and miss you more than words can say...

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