Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hunting For Antiques

Dear Mom,

On Tuesday afternoon I went out in search for some antiques to decorate the apartment. My main goal was to find a bunch of crates to decorate my walls with. The cool thing about this town is that all the antique shops are all on the same road and next door to each other, which made it easy to find them! My first stop was this big country antique store. The place was two stories and it had two big houses connected. This is the place where I ended up finding ALL of my crates! the older man ended up giving me a great deal on them too:)
My next stop was this little antique house that had really nice antiques, Jefferson House
This place was three stories and had a lot of furniture. 
Next door to Jefferson house was this really cool barn they also have and it had all kinds of neat antiques!
It is a big red barn full of all kinds of stuff! You will really like this place... here is a picture of the inside...

My next stop was this little village where they have have some boutiques and some more antique shops. The Tree House Antiques was my first stop in the village. The neat thing about this place is that you can shop around then have lunch inside:)

This is the tea room where they have tea, coffee, sandwiches, soups and salads! I think we both will have to try this little place out when you come visit:)

They also have an outside sitting area that I think we would like having lunch at!Oh and under this is a picture of all the wines they sell... the basement in the home is a little winery room.

After the antique shop I walked down to a little jewelry shop, then a home decor shop, eye glasses shop, and a cute baby shop! Also in this area they have a yoga place and spa! 

After a long day of shopping around, Kevin called me at like 4pm and said he could meet up for an hour before he had to go back to work.. it was nice getting to spend some of the day with him! I ended up going home after and just decorated the house some more.

Yesterday I stayed home all day... I had to do LOTS of laundry as well and am still working on it today! I also cleaned the house some and worked on cooking a Boston Butt for dinner:) Dad helped me get it ready and told me how to cook it the right way.. I knew it would turn out great! I actually took some after pictures once it was done!!

YUMMY HUH?! Kevin loved it :) 

So I have a few more decorations I have worked on yesterday and I will upload them... I am not done with my wall with the antique picture frames and crates though. But you can get the idea of what I am wanting it to look like! I have to go back today and get about 5 more crates for the other side of my wall now!
this is the wall I have started working on ... I still have LOTS more to add:) the entire wall will be covered like this!

I added some cute twigs and branches in the bottles in my guest bathroom.. and in the ones in my living room!

Well that is all for today... I have some laundry to start folding:( my least favorite part!!! I enjoyed our skype date this morning.. I love having my breakfast and coffee with you in the morning.. and getting to see sweet Parker! Well I will call you a little later today! I MISS YOU and love you MORE!!

love, Caitlin

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