Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's Only Been A Day, Yet It Seems So Long Already...

My daughter, Caitlin just got married two weeks ago, today.  After her honeymoon, she and her new husband, Kevin, came back here to Louisiana to stay with us for a week before moving to Cleveland, Ohio for 5 years!  You see, Kevin just graduated from medical school and his residency program is located in Cleveland.  We are a very close-knit, large southern family (I also have 3 grown sons, two are married and one with a child) and this move is already difficult on us.  So, I promised Caitlin that I would not only be visiting her quite frequently, I would also try to skype and write letters too.  That's what got me to thinking about starting a new blog (I have another family blog: that would document my letters to Caitlin over the 5 years she has to spend in the north.  Here is the first letter...

Dear Caitlin,
     You have only been gone for a day now and it seems like so much longer already.  We are still at the lake house this weekend.  Dad got up this morning and decided we should take a ride on the boat up to town.  The outdoor market was going on so we were able to buy some delish fuits and veggies from Adam's stand.  On the way there, we picked up Sarah and Parker for the ride.  We ate lunch at Lasyone's, which was yummy, as usual.  Then we came home to cool off, watch a movie and take a little nap.

 Look what Parker was wearing when we picked her up this morning...She INSISTED on wearing her boots!

YES!  I bought your favorite...fresh cucumbers!  And peaches and also a HUGE bag of fresh blueberries; I'll have to send you Mam-Maw's Blueberry Muffin recipe that I used to make when y'all were little (Yummy...)

Lasyone's was good, as usual.  Justin had the Natcitoches meat pie and Little Robbie had a crawfish pie!

Of course we had to stop by the toy store while we were in town.  I think Parker wants this little car thing she's riding for her birthday!  Oh yea...I can tell she is getting closer and closer to 2 years old; she's had a few "Almost Terrible 2 Moments" this weekend!

     It seems like you are just gone for the weekend, like when you were still in school.  I suppose it just hasn't hit me yet that I won't be seeing you so often any more.  I am, however, so happy that y'all will be able to make the family vacation to the beach!  Having the entire family together for that will be FUN!
     I hope that moving is going well; I know yesterday was a very long drive.  Remember to take some pictures of your new home (that sounds funny to say...) to send to me; I can't wait to see it.
     Dad, Ryan and Papa just left to do a little fishing this evening and I am about to settle in with a good book I am reading.  I miss you more than words can say, but will look forward to seeing you very soon.


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