Monday, June 11, 2012

Twenty-Four Hours Later

Dear Mom,

So much has happened and changed in the last twenty four hours. From the second I hugged you and dad goodbye, everything seems so different already. As tears rushed from my eyes as we left the camp on Friday morning I had this feeling inside me that I can't explain. It was a feeling of being lost and not knowing how to cope with the fact I was really moving a thousand miles away from my home. I was glad Kevin was there to comfort me, but I just felt like crying was the only thing that would make me feel better. Starting the trip off so upset, I knew this would be a long drive. Eventually I cried myself to sleep and when I woke we were in Monroe. I was hoping once I woke, the awful feeling would be gone, but was shortly reminded it was still there. Another rush of emotions hit me and I thought I would never get over this feeling. Sixteen hours later we made it to Kevin's families house in Kentucky and would sleep for the night. The next morning we woke up to head to Kevin's house and load up his things. We decided we would stay the night in Morehead and spend some time with his parents and have dinner with Zach and Tosha. It was really nice to get to hangout with them because it made that feeling of loneliness go away for awhile. The next morning we decided to head out around eight in the morning and finish our drive to Cleveland. This would be a long drive because I would now be having to follow him in my car for about six hours.

After driving for twenty four hours in three days, Kevin and I have finally arrived to our new home in Ohio. It seems as if we have had no sleep for days! I really wish you and dad were here to help us settle in and get our new home decorated right about now. As of today, everything is in our apartment but nothing is unpacked. You know how much I hate moving... which is why I just have been staring at all the boxes in hopes that they might magically unpack themselves! ha ha.

Well, to catch you up on a few things that we have done here so far I will post a few pictures. Yesterday, Monday, is when we arrived and unpacked everything. Took us about six hours to get to Ohio from Kevin's house and as soon as we arrived we started unpacking everything. Thank goodness Kevin had a friend come help us move everything in, because I about passed out after thirty minutes due to the heat! Yea, so I thought this place was suppose to be cold... guess not because it was at least 90 degrees yesterday! Anyways, after we unpacked everything is was about five in the evening. Kevin was so exhausted by the time everything was in the apartment and so was I, but I was ready to explore this new place! I begged him to get up off the floor and take me around the town to see where everything was. Kevin quickly got up and we headed out!

Our first stop was of course the BEACH! As soon as we pulled out of our apartment parking lot, across from it was the beach. I can actually walk to the beach in about two minutes from my apartment. So here are just a few pictures of some places we went:) enjoy!

This is outside our apartment. The golf course is right behind our complex and it is so nice to sit on our balcony!

This is the view of the beach from the park area. Keep in mind the beach was so crowed because it was a weekend! We are going to look into finding a less crowded area to go to when we do decide to spend a day here!

So this is Lake Erie!! It is so HUGE! It actually just looks like an Ocean to me.. but the good this is, there are no sharks so maybe I will get in the water :) The lake is actually 9,940 sq miles in surface area... that might put how big it is in perspective. I asked Kevin if you could get in a boat and drive to the other side of the Lake and he informed me we could, but it would take many hours! lol. Oh and on the other side of Lake is Canada. That of course brought up many more questions. 
Is there a coast guard patrol on the Lake to keep people from entering?
Do you need your passport if you ride a boat to Canada? 
How do we keep people from Canada sneaking into the US if it is connected?
Anyways, I'm sure you get the picture... I was just curious because I have never heard of such a thing. 

View of the Lake from the pier.

After the beach we headed over to Westlake, where Kevin will be working at Saint John's Hospital. The hospital is smaller than most because it is in a nice community and a private hospital. They are doing a lot of construction on the hospital to make it newer. This next picture is of the outside of the hospital. 

 The picture under this is of the new Emergency room where Kevin will be working. It is very nice!

Our next stop after the hospital is the shopping!! Right across from the hospital is a shopping area called, Crocker Park. Although I didn't get to walk around to look at everything we did drive by so I could see what kind of shopping they had. This is such a neat little area. All the the restaurants have outside seating and are surrounded by shops we LOVE! Some of the shops they have here are: Banana Republic, LOFT, Anthropology, Charming Charlie, H&M, DSW Shoes, Coach, Barnes and Noble, Gap, Urban Outfitters, and many other shops! It is only about a five minute drive from our apartment so that will be nice. 
This is the the shops and they loop around this whole place.

it was blocked off yesterday because they had a band playing and had some festivities going on in the park area.

Our final stop for the day was going to look at all the HUGE houses they live right by us. These house are like castles! Here are just a few of our neighbors houses.

Well, glad I finally was about to respond and catch you up on everything that has been going on! I miss you and dad so much and wish that I could just drive to y'alls house right now and just hangout. It is so weird not seeing the family when I want and I'm sure I will never get used to that. Tomorrow I will be calling to help set up your skype account so I can give you a tour of the inside of our apartment so be expecting a call. Oh and I guess I should start unpacking boxes tomorrow :( not looking forward to that! I love you very much :) Can't wait for the beach.. only a WEEK from now!!Talk to you soon!

Love, Caitlin

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