Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just A VERY Rainy Day In The South...

I woke up Tuesday morning to gray skies and rain.  I don't really mind the rain and we needed it, but I hate the fact that there is always a "severe thunderstorm" warning usually attached to that rain.  You know how I HATE thunder and lightening.  Thankfully, there were no strong winds or tornadoes today since I was baby-sitting Parker again.  She says, "thunder" and then jumps in my lap...along with Annie!  So, needless to say, most of the day I had baby and dog in my lap.

After Dad finally updated my i-pad, I downloaded my children's book ( on there.  You KNOW how Parker loves books.  Well, I had actually forgotten about the added features of making some pages puzzles and some color pages.  She likes the "read to me" version (She says, "Ya Ya's i-pad!) and has me play it for her while she can sometimes flip the pages by herself!  And then the color pages are her favorite!  She tells me which color she wants and when I push that color, she rakes her finger across the page.  Guess what her favorite colors appear to be?  Pink and yellow!

After a long day of baby-sitting, I was a bit worn out but Dad and I decided to head to town to get a bite to eat and then head to the store to buy a few things for our beach trip (5 days till I get to see you!!!)  We went to Outback and right after we ordered, all of the electricity went out (ugh...).  They were still able to cook the food, though and the lights came back on while we were eating.  We went over to Best Buy next, where we bought a TV/DVD player for my vehicle so Parker could watch Dora on the way to the beach!  Then, we headed to Target and I got sunscreen, some Dora DVD's and other stuff we needed for the trip.

I was happy to hear from you when we got home, but also sad that your end of SKYPE didn't work.  It was great getting to see you AND your new apartment.  It is really big, much bigger than our first apartment.  I think it is going to be so cute when you get all of your decorations up and can't wait to see the progress!  Hopefully, you will get your Internet set up soon so we can REALLY SKYPE next time.

Did I tell you that I have hired Kassie to design this new blog site for us?  I am SO excited, because she designed my other site ( and I LOVE what she did with it.  I am looking at a very vintage design that I think you will like too.

Oh, guess who surprised us by popping in last night?  David!  Yea, I didn't even know he was driving in; I think the guys are getting ready to head to Mississippi for their golf tournament this weekend (P.S.  Don't forget this weekend is Father's Day!).  Anyway, we were watching one of our television shows when he came in and suddenly he asked Dad what time we were going to bed.  Hmmm...Dad looked at him a little confused (Because you know how he likes to watch a taped show of "Chopped" or something before he goes to bed...), but I knew why he was asking; he wanted to "play the game" with Justin!  Those two are still like little boys, playing that video game online at night.  He told Dad it was after 10 O'clock...time for us to go to bed!

                                                David setting up his "play date" with Justin!

Well, I've got to get off of this computer and get myself dressed so I can head down to the office this morning (ugh...).  I got about a 2 month reprieve from working there (thought it would be for good...) while we were in the throws of wedding planning, but I suppose it is back to the grind for me now.  I miss you terribly and can't wait to see you SOON!
                                                                                   Much Love,

P.S.  Go to my other blog and click on the "Praying for Lucy" button; God is working MIRACLES...She has gotten better!  I pray for her every day.

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