Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ready, Set...And We're Off!

Dear Caitlin,
     Well, I successfully got my new partial in this morning.  The ride to Shreveport wasn't too bad, but you know I wasn't going to make a trip there without going to a couple of my favorite stores...

            YEP!  Had to make another stop in here, although I was just here with you a week ago.

                                               Stopped in here too for a couple of things too!

Sadly, I didn't have anyone to eat lunch with so I just ate in the car on my way back home.

When I got back home, I really HAD to tackle that packing since we were planning on leaving Saturday morning at 10.  Sarah and Parker were in town but got back while I was still trying to get all of my stuff together and Parker picked up my camera and INSISTED on having her picture taken for Ca Ca and Kevin!

                       I told her I would take the picture but she would have to say, "Cheese"!

Sissy and Annie have been boarded; I know they are sad but I did let them sleep with me last night and they were so happy.  My suitcases are ready, the car is partially packed and Sarah and Parker are spending the night here tonight with me.  Codi will arrive in the morning and then we are off!  I'm getting excited for everybody to be there and can't wait for y'all to fly in.  This is going to be a GREAT vacation!  See you in 2 DAYS for some FUN IN THE SUN!!!


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