Sunday, June 17, 2012

Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping:)

Dear Mom,

I am finally getting back on here to write! I haven't been feeling very good these past few days with this awful cold and have been trying to get better so I won't be sick on the trip! Kevin and I are both actually sick and have been taking LOTS of medicine to attempt to get better by tomorrow:) Kevin and I are soooo excited about flying down to the beach to meet y'all tomorrow.. I have been talking about it all week! Well to catch you up on a few things since the last time I wrote...

On Wednesday Kevin and I went shopping in search of a dresser and bed. I felt like we looked for hours and we never could find anything. We both got so frustrated so decided to take a break from looking for furniture and decided to just look around for some other things. This is when we decided to get something with both of our graduation money we had! Well we got something... a new 47" 3D and Smart LCD TV!!!! I am in LOVE with it! Kevin also bought me Tangled on 3D :) Kevin decided to treat me to lunch at Red Robin after all the shopping and it was SOO good! Remember we ate there that one time when we went to California. We sat at home the rest of the night and watched the new Sherlock Holmes and Tangled.. such a great way to end a day!

Having a freckled lemonade at Red Robin:) Yum!!
This is our new TV with our new TV stand:)

Yesterday, I figured I would go out and attempt to find a dresser and bed at some of the flee markets and some stores that were having some sales. The first stop I would make was at TJMax:) One of our favorite places to shop. This one is HUGE and has tons of furniture and so much cute decorating stuff. To my surprise I wasn't able to pick anything out though. I ended up getting all emotional because it just wasn't the same shopping on a Saturday by myself. I noticed everyone else had friends or mothers with them shopping around and everyone seemed to be having such a great time. I decided to just leave and go somewhere else because I needed you to be there to help me pick out stuff for the house. My next stop was Bed Bath & Beyond. This store was actually enjoyable to shop at because you know how much I like cooking. I ended up getting all kinds of neat kitchen gadgets and stuff we still needed! I made a few more stops in search for a dresser... World Market, Marshalls, Target, and a few other places. No luck though:( I ended up getting home that evening and decided I would surprise Kevin with dinner:)

For dinner I decided to make something that reminded me of you... Stuffed Bell Peppers:) Kevin was a little unsure about what these actually were.. but to his surprise he LOVED them!! We ended up just relaxing the rest of the night and unpacked a few more things.

stuffed bell peppers before I put them in the oven!

Today, Kevin and I went and tried out a church for the first time. Let's just say it was a little different. I think we will try another one next Sunday and hopefully will find one that is more of a place where we fit in. After church we went to eat at a place called Famous Daves... it is barbecue and it was soooo good! I will have to take you and dad when y'all come visit. As for the rest of the day... it has been a pretty traditional Sunday. I ended up taking a nap for like 3 hours! lol and now just laying around relaxing:)

Well, I better get to packing a small bag to bring with me on vacation tomorrow!! I will see you tomorrow night:) I miss you and love you very much!!

                                                      love, Caitlin

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