Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It's HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

Dear Caitlin,
     I read this quote on Facebook the other day, "Summer is my favorite time of year...Said NO ONE from the south!"  OK...So, I guess I will admit (reluctantly...) that perhaps Cleveland MIGHT have something appealing other than having The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  While you are enjoying temperatures in the 70's, its was 104 degrees here today!  Yep...It's too hot to even breathe when you walk outside; therefore, I try NOT to walk outside very much unless it is very early in the morning.  Even in the evenings you can almost feel the steam still rising from the ground.  Now, although, I am not enjoying the heat very much, I WILL still be enjoying some pretty warm temperatures while y'all are piling up the snow there in Ohio.  Anyway, I look out the window at the pool but just cannot even bring myself to get in it during these sweltering days...

                              This was from Monday; the temperatures just keep rising each day!

Although those rafts seem to be calling my name, I can't bear to walk the short distance from the house to the pool in this heat!

While I have been busy all week trying to catch up on laundry, I haven't seen much of Dad.  You know how it is after a week long vacation...Work, work and MORE work for him to get caught up.  He was in Shreveport for a meeting Monday night and didn't get home until almost 10 and then at another meeting in Winnfield Tuesday night, not getting home until almost 9!  Thank goodness he will be here Wednesday,  but he will be heading to Houma on Thursday (sigh...).  Hopefully Ryan will be back from Allison's by then so I will at least have somebody to talk to.

               I'm not sure how 2 people can dirty so many clothes...remember when it was 6 people?!

I LOVE the new comforter and chair you bought for your bedroom!  Now, we just need to get to work on decorating those walls.  I sure wish I was there to help you do that; you KNOW how much I like that kind of stuff.

I was glad to get to Skype you Monday night and again Tuesday morning with Parker.  It's kind of nice getting to share a cup of coffee with you in the morning...even if it IS over the computer.  Sarah told me today that she will probably be working two days a week at the bank for the rest of the summer.  I guess that means I will have to tape MORE "Dora the Explorer" episodes!  That child is CRAZY for Dora.  While we were at the beach, I taped about 20 episodes but I'm not sure that's enough for the entire summer; she walks over to me and says, "Dora!"  I also found some really cute games for her that I put on my i pad.  You go to the app. store and in the search bar put:  Duck Duck Moose and there are so many cute games that she can play.  I KNOW...I spoil her terribly!  She also says, "Ya Ya's i-pad", when she want to play her games.

I have to go to work today but am rewarding myself by eating lunch with Caki and then having a massage before I head home!  Actually that's the massage that I missed right before vacation when I swallowed my temporary bridge.  Then, I will FINALLY get to have dinner with Dad for the first time this week (smile here...).

Well, I have also started working out again this week.  It's kind of hard too because I haven't done much since my two surgeries and all of the graduations, wedding and vacation.  Also having problems with my thyroid have sort of kicked me in the butt...Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE my thyroid?!  Hopefully things will get straightened out soon, but in the meantime I am getting back on the "Work-Out Band Wagon".  I'm also thinking of joining a yoga class here in town since I'm not going to the one at the gym any more.  I really wish I could just get out in the morning and walk but it would have to be SUPER early because by 8:30 or 9 it is already way too HOT to do that.  Oh well...I just wanted to tell you what was going on and that I MISS you and LOVE you VERY MUCH!  I so wish you were here so we could go see "Brave"...Do you think there is anybody who will go see a kid movie with me?  I will write again soon and cannot wait to see more of the progress you are making on decorating your apartment.
                                                                                                       Love you MORE,

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