Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Decorating The New Place

Dear Mom,

So a few days has passed since I left the beach and let me just say.. I MISS YOU!!! I have been keeping myself busy though with unpacking more and starting to finally decorate the new place:) So yesterday was Kevin's first day at work and he was out of the house by 7:30am. This meant I needed to find something to do all day. I set out around 9am and headed to Target first. The weather was so nice yesterday the high was 70 and the low was 60 degrees! I know Louisiana was about 102 yesterday!! HOT! Once I arrived at Target I had to stop at the little cafe' shop inside to get a snack. I got something that reminded me of you of course.... Popcorn and a drink:)
I was feeling a little down about shopping by myself again so I figured I could at least get some popcorn to bring my spirit up a little. You always get popcorn when you go to Target and that was just what I needed!

After Target I went over to Bed Bath and Beyond. I needed just a few things here... one being a pizza stone, crock pot, and some Keurig. After shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond I walked over to Crocker Park to go look for some bedding at Anthropology. I ended up getting some REALLY cute stuff:)) I got the linen comforter from Anthropology that I have been wanting and I got this really cute chair from Anthropology to put in my bedroom as well:) Here are a few pictures of them in my room. 
Anthropology bedding, burlap pillows from John Ward Interior in Alexandria, LA. 

Now I just need to decorate my walls in the bedroom!!

Up close picture of the bedding. It is a linen material with knitted design on it:)

This is the cute little chair I got from Anthropology as well. It has patches of burlap on it so it matches my bedroom perfect!

Up close picture of the chair.

So a few more decorations I have up in the house are my living room area, bathroom, kitchen and dining area. I still have a lot more to put up.. I'm working on it though!

This is our dining area. The table is from Mimi and the sides come out to make it bigger. The chairs are from an antique shop and I recovered the seats. The burlap table cloth, wire basket, and place mats are from John Ward Interior. The Moss Letters with the burlap ribbon were made by Lori Kees and her blog ishttp://ooohlalaflorals.blogspot.com/.  

Up close of the table decor:)

This was the window we had at the wedding that all the guests signed! Turned out perfect !!

Got the burlap lamps finally!! They were from Marshalls:)

My burlap foot stool that I got from John Ward Interior!

This is hanging in my kitchen.. it is a chandelier and it was also from John Ward Interior.

This is in my kitchen too and is from John Ward Interior.

Wall decor in the kitchen:)

This piece is in the living room area... and it holds my cookbooks! I need to get a bigger shelf for my cookbook though!

The next few pictures are of my guest bathroom.. the one you will be using when you come stay:) I haven't finished decorating it yet.

Little chandelier I have hanging in the bathroom.

The next few pictures are of the master bathroom.

Cute towel rack from John Ward Interior
This is on my bathroom counter top and the feather bouquet is from my bridal portraits.Lori Kees also made this for me:)http://ooohlalaflorals.blogspot.com/

These were the cute towels I was telling you about! They are from Anthropology:) As you can tell I'm obsessed with everything from Anthropology!

This piece is in my living room.. the bottles and the wood candle holder.

After a long day of shopping and decorating I headed to the grocery store... and you know how much I love grocery shopping.. NOT! lol I figured it would be best to make a list of everything I actually needed so when I got to the grocery store I wouldn't get overwhelmed. You know me, always making lists and being organized:)

okay don't make fun.. but this is the list I made for the grocery store!
I literally was at the grocery store for at least two hours attempting to find all the BEST deals! lol At the end of it, I think I did good!

Once I got home I decided to start cooking so I could surprise Kevin with some dinner. I was going to be making one of your dishes.. chicken spaghetti!! To be honest... I have found myself doing and making LOTS of things that remind me of you! I guess I like doing it because it makes me think about you and puts me in a really good mood:) Well the chicken spaghetti turned out perfect!! This picture is of me cooking it. I am always really bad about getting the after picture once it is done! I ended up making garlic bread and green beans to go with it. Kevin LOVED the chicken spaghetti!!

Well this blog is sorta long so enjoy reading it!! I am now about to get dressed and head out in search for some CRATES at some antique shops!! Oh and going to go look for some yarn shops possibly! I love you and miss you so much!!.. so glad me, you and Parker got to skype this morning.. it made my day!! Maybe since Kevin has to work late tonight me, you and dad could skype for a few minutes!! 

love, Caitlin

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